Los Altos Christian Preschool

On Friday, January 22, we notified our families and teachers of Los Altos Christian Preschool (LACP) that we would need to suspend preschool operations. We realize this news may come to you as a shock, as we have opened our doors to serve our preschool families and communities for over 30 years. We hurt for the teachers, parents, and students who will now need to find a new home and say goodbye to the one they have enjoyed for potentially decades. The decision to close the preschool at this time was due to a confluence of factors, all of which seemed to come to a head in January and are listed below.

Finances. The preschool has incurred a large deficit that is projected to drastically increase over the remaining months of the school year. Simply, there are no reserves to offset this loss. Neither Bridges nor LACS can cover what the preschool will lose, and thus, there are no financial means to continue operating the preschool. Every day it has been open has cost more resources, which are now depleted. Staying open under these conditions is, of course, not a possibility.

Licensing. Preschools are licensed by the state of California, and our preschool has always operated with a license. However, our license to operate as a childcare center will not be valid past the end of February. We became aware of this impending deadline at the end of December.

For the past three weeks, our school administration has worked to renew our license, and while the preschool will certainly achieve renewal, the process will not be completed before our need to suspend our operations. For this reason, even with sufficient fundraising, the preschool could not stay open past February.

Accreditation. The last reason behind our school closure is decreasing enrollment at the preschool over the past couple of years. Although multifaceted, school leadership believes one factor contributing to the decreasing enrollment is due to the preschool not being accredited. Some preschools have accreditation and others do not. Neither approach is necessarily right or wrong and all parents enrolling their children can have different preferences. However, given the decreasing enrollment at LACP, our lack of accreditation could be a contributing factor.

For this reason, school leadership plans to seek accreditation for the preschool, relaunch it with a new educational philosophy, and rebrand with a target reopening of January 2022. Because of this, the preschool will not be open in fall of 2021. Accepting donations only to temporarily prolong the operations of the school does not seem right. As a school, we cannot in good conscience ask for sacrificial contributions in order to keep the school open when the plan is to temporarily suspend the school this fall to relaunch next year.

Preschool operations will continue from February 1 to February 12. The school will be closed as previously planned during the holiday week beginning February 15, and it will be open for daycare only February 22-26. Following February 26, we will temporarily close in order to renew our license, seek accreditation, and restructure so as to become fiscally viable. We simply cannot complete all of those tasks during full operation. We will suspend from the end of February 2021 continuing until January 2022.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our team of LACP teachers for their service and ministry to the school and BCC community, and their amazing support of our students through the month of February. Please join us in thanking and showing our beloved teachers deep appreciation.

We look forward to providing a new and reimagined preschool for this community beginning in January 2022.