Annual Meeting Follow Up

At the Annual Meeting in September, a few questions were asked that needed to be researched after the meeting in order to ensure the correct answer. Those questions and answers can be found below.


Question: Where do donations specifically designated to missions show up in the financial summary?

Answer: Under the “General Income” line on the financial statement. However, the missions budget was also included in the materials at the Annual Meeting, and our missions giving can be seen there. Additionally, designated missions gifts are only used for missions.


Question: Are residents included in the proposed budget?

Answer: In the meeting, we incorrectly answered, “Yes,” and apologize for the error. The budget does not include salaries for residents. We hope to reevaluate our budget during the year, at which point we would love to be able to add more staff in the form of residents. A number of increasing costs–facility, personnel, insurance–made it unwise to add more staff at this time.


Question: What is included in the ~$500K under the “Other” expenses category?

Answer: There are over 50 expense categories in total. Prominent categories included in “Other” include: Technology, IT, Bank Fees, Insurance, Activities.