BCC 20k

20K is Off to a Great Start

At the Annual Celebration on Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017, Pastor Dave’s message focused on the witnessing mandate Jesus left His followers. In the words of Paul to Timothy, all Christ-followers must “do the work of an evangelist.” (2 Timothy 4:5) You’d think every Christ-follower would be on board with that, and most probably are…at least in theory. But when it comes to our practice, most of us would say we have a lot of room for improvement. Just like Timothy. He evidently didn’t have the gift of an evangelist, but nonetheless was charged with doing what an evangelist would do – sharing the truth of the Gospel with lost people. Just like we are.

It’s our hope and prayer that this year we will all make significant progress in reaching out to the lost world around us with the love of God and the message of the Gospel. In fact, our goal is that together we make 20,000 intentional evangelistic connections with unbelievers in Silicon Valley this year.

That may seem impossible, but it isn’t. First, because of the supernatural work God wants to do through Christ-followers. And second, because most of us have already been doing on social media what God wants us to do in real life.

It’s common on social media to connect with others in six ways:

Friend – Make a new friend.

Post – Share things about your life or your walk with God.

Like – Listen to others’ stories and affirm them.

Share – Pass along things you have learned or seen or read.

Comment – Offer advice, comfort, or encouragement to others about things that are going on in their life.

Invite – Extend invitations to others to do things with you.

This year we as a church want to increase our efforts to reach the lost world around us with the Gospel by intentionally practicing all of these things…

  • – In the real world, in face-to-face relationships
  • – With unbelievers

In an effort to support and encourage each other in this, and to celebrate our successes, we have set up a way for us to share our progress in making intentional connections with unbelievers. We have launched a web app that you can find online at bcc20k.com.

We hope you’ll familiarize yourself with this app and download it onto your mobile device home screen (for help in doing so, click here). Whether you use the mobile app or our 20k web page, your participation in sharing your intentional evangelist efforts will be a great encouragement to our BCC family. And Lord willing it will result in unbelievers coming to know Jesus Christ as their Savior. That, more than anything, is why we want to do the work of an evangelist in significant intentional ways in the year to come.

So if you haven’t gotten started already, we want to encourage you to:

  1. Go to bcc20k.com and become familiar with how it works. (It’s easy!)
  2. Start praying that God will open doors for you to interact with unbelievers in any of the seven ways listed there.
  3. Take advantage of the opportunities He provides.
  4. Share your progress with us on the web page!

You can watch the 20K message that Pastor Dave preached on this life-changing initiative here.