Did You Know That 10% of Your SMTC Giving Goes Directly to Missions?

Posted in: More To Come

Not only are we a church who believes in improving our facilities to evangelize to unbelievers in Los Altos (i.e. SMTC), but our evangelism travels.

Over the last six months, we have funded a new church purchase in Naples Italy (naplesalive.com).

We also funded a new administrative software program in Colorado for WorldVenture (worldventure.com). This program is responsible for over 500 missionaries around the world.

We also funded one of our own members (Mark Chen) through For All Saints Ministries (fastm.startlogic.com/old/index.htm). Mark was in Europe this summer training Christian leaders through various workshops and ministry projects.


The most encouraging things about these gifts was that God used you to fund them though your generous giving to SMTC. These projects were no small miracles as we gave $40,000 to the church in Naples, $12,500 to the software at World Venture, and $7,500 to FASTM.

But God is not done with our SMTC giving. Because of your generous giving, we will be given more opportunities to give to His kingdom. Please continue to pray for our missionaries. If you choose to give to the SMTC campaign then $1 out of every $10 will be used to support missionaries around the world. We are excited about that!