Still More to Come – I can’t give now, but I plan to give

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Then the people rejoiced because they had given willingly,
for with a whole heart they had offered freely to the Lord.
~1 Chronicles 29:9

            Summer is flying by, and so is oWorship-Center-middleur Still More To Come campaign. By now, you are probably aware of our lofty and exciting goal to raise $1.4 million for the Priority 2.3 “Ideal Remodel” of our Worship Center.

One question that has come up several times is, “What if we don’t get all the way to $1.4 million? Will we do part of the work now, then more work at a later date?” The answer is no. Several aspects in each Priority 2 project will overlap. For example, if we were to do Priority 2.2 and rebuild the platform (stage), then next year finish raising the money for the new floor in Priority 2.3, we would have to take out the newly built platform, and replace it with yet another new one.  Therefore, in September, the board will evaluate how much money we have received, and how much is expected through pledges or planned giving, and move forward with the best option available.

Which brings us to another question that has been raised: “I can’t give right now, but I do plan to give. What do I do?” Since the scope of the project is based on giving and pledges in hand, it would be very helpful to be made aware of any future gifts. If you happen to know that you will be giving a gift to the Still More To Come project in the near future, please pick up a communication card in the church office or at the Connections Table on Sunday mornings, and let us know your plans.

In the meantime, it is not too late to be involved in the project. If you would like to help or be involved in any level, let us know via a communication card. And please continue to pray for this project throughout the summer. Exciting things are ahead of us.


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