Kids’ Choirs Update

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Kids’ Choirs Registration got off to a great start with 145 kids joining our graded choir program.  The choirs will be preparing for their performances on Sat., May 16.  This year’s musical to be presented by the Kids of the Kingdom (our 3rd-8th graders) is called “Big Shot.”  The musical teaches the kids through a unique twist about the story of David and Goliath, that God will use anyone whose heart belongs to Him, no matter their size or age.  We are to suit up in the armor of God, and know that we can overcome by God’s sprit.  They will learn to face down their giants by looking up to God.  Rehearsals are on Sundays at 6:00 for both choirs.  God’s Kids (1st-3rd graders) meet upstairs above the Worship Center.  Kids of the Kingdom meet upstairs in Burkhart 620.