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Paolo and Ireni Mota, Restoration Ministries

Helping one Another


Dear friends-
I hope this letter find you doing well  .
We are very blessed to have you supporting us in many different ways we want to share what is going on with some families that went trough some disaster recently , and we are able to help .

Below are pastor William Conceição report 

We have a family in Promorar whose house caught on fire and they lost everything. We have helped them in different ways; with food and furniture as well as helping to rebuild their home. The fire damaged other houses as well and we are helping some of the other families as we can.

The mom Neide  had a stroke and right know she is recovering. Her son, Vinicius, is the one that could work but has to stay home to help his mom because there is no other person who could help.


At 24 years of age, Jessica is a widow because her husband passed away a while ago. She is a great mom, taking care her children and not letting them be around the drug dealers. She is going to school and wanting to finishing high school.  Her desire is to go on to college. It is hard to believe but many of those who live in the slums have a very low education and because of their slums mind-set they don’t see studying as a priority in they lives. In Jessica case, she is one who is different!

She wants to finish high school and go to college. Because she doesn’t have someone to look after her children, she is part of a special school program where she can go to school and the school has a special program for the children of those moms.

What I can say about Jessica but she is looking for a better future for herself and her children. “We are not giving her fish but teaching her how to fish!”
It is a long process but she is one of the people that have dreams and fight for a better future.

We praise the Lord for the opportunity to share Christ with those families as well as help them in different ways. We could not do this without your help, so thanks much for your help.

1 Corinthians 15.58
“Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.”


We have had  great summer  camps  with our brothers and sisters from Champion Fellowship, TX; Oak Hills Church ,CA; William Jessup University CA; Heights Baptist Church, MT; as well  Pr. James and Amanda Berteig ,CA  for the workshop  training. We are also thankful for our middle term missionaries:  Taylor Molitoris, Georgia; Karen Brice and Patricia Arias from Ecuador.  We have no words to express how grateful we are that you leave your country and come to serve alongside with us, serving the Kingdom.

This is the beauty of the gospel. It doesn’t matter the language or the distance we serve the same God!
During the camps we experience many heart breaking stories full of misery and drugs! And I know it is not much different from USA. But in the middle of all this misery,  we can see God’s power above it all taking care and  changing  lives.

At one of the camps’ service, we had our hearts touched as we cried out for Christ’s mercy as we listened to Fabiola, a 14 years old, share that about one year ago her mom tried to kill her using a pillow to suffocate her. Praise the Lord, one of her mom’s friend arrived on time to save this girl.  Another girl, Dandara, who is 7 years old cried because her father is in jail.   Every meeting Dandara is at, she asked for prayers for her family and for a miracle.

There are many others stories! The point is how do we encourage and help these kids have hope in Christ and even though facing these circumstances, they might feel that God loves them and He is there for them? Well, our God is bigger and a sovereign God, a God of impossible things. Just like Fabiola, today she is a young girl who loves the Lord and one of our volunteers at Restoration Ministries.

Daniele Missions Trip 

I have been in the Philippines working in an English Camp for Chinese kids with Teach Beyond. I also had the opportunity to see other ministries and meet people who work with poor kids in the area. I  met a girl named Gracelda joi arpon (Joy) who is a 19 years old young lady who grew up going to a “street” ministry. Joy is now one of the leaders in the same ministry. It was a blessing  to get to know and talk with Joy, we were very encouraged by each other’s testimonies. Please pray that God will work on the connections  that I  made while in the Philippines for the Glory of His name. This is a great life experience that will contribute in many positive ways for my ministry in Brazil.


This is Joy that I shared on the letter

Upcoming Events

Capoeira Conference
We are having our first Capoeira Conference led by Pastor Antonio at Restoration Ministries Church. We are receiving a group of 15  leaders and pastors from other states of Brazil. The event will happen on 12/8  from 7pm to 9.30pm and 13/8  from 2pm to 5pm  Join us with your prayers for these events.


We are doing fine , as I said before my heart is rejoicing to see my kids how great they are with a good servant hear and walking with God also to be able to talk with Paulo’s  doctor and tell him that Paulo is not taking any medicine still and he is doing wonderful and keep listen from the doctor that he doesn’t understand WHY this happen , it is cool  to keep telling the doctor that GOD is the the reason it is amazing , as well has been a privilege to be able to witness with the doctor and other individuals   the miracle that God has done  in Paulo’s  health and his life it is  a blessing .

We  had a short trip as a family to Rio de Janeiro  where we  stayed there from August  7 to 9. We had so much fun! It was great to spend some time as a family. We were able to watch some games, actually USA vs NED volleyball game. It was intense great game that USA won .

Just to let you know I will be in USA for board meeting in October.  I will be staying till Thanksgiving.  I am counting with your prayers! If you want to have a cup of coffee with me that would be awesome! As well, I am looking for new churches/ individuals–any possibilities where I can share about the ministry.

Thanks so much for your prayers and financial support!

If you are considering starting to sponsor financially the Restoration Ministry, please contact me for more information at ireni@restorationministriesbrazil.com

I hope you have a great weekend

Much Love,

Ireni, Paulo, Daniel and Sofia Mota


We are at Copacabana Beach it was sunny day, a beautiful place to be.