Missions Moment – Brazil

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Paulo and Ireni Mota, Restoration Ministries


On May we had a vision trip group to visit Restoration Ministries.

We had an opportunity to do some training with our church leadership at Camp California. Pastor Stan Lubeck from CA gave a series about making disciples and mentorship.

Everyone was very pleased with the training. After the training we had a great barbecue luncheon and relaxation.

Stephenie and Pr Jerry from MN were also with us.  Stephenie knew the ministry but the last time she had visited Brazil was  7 years ago.

At Restoration Ministries Church on the second and fourth Sunday of the month, we are having two services, one in the morning and the other at night.

We had  the privilege of having Pr Tim Weeb from TX as well as Pr. Stan Lubeck preach at Restoration Community Church  and  also at Vila Rosa Community  Church.  What was a great time!

We praise the Lord for the growth of the church. We have some new families that have  decided to be a part  of membership of the church  and some of them are already stepping  into  leadership at different levels.

For many years we had  prayed about  mens  in leadership.  We are  thankful to the Lord because we have  some young men that are stepping into leadership!

Twice a month a group of men are going to a reach- out  ministry held at  night to share Jesus with people who live on the street  and are addicted to drugs. Listening to  their experiences  have been encouraging to see what God has been doing through them.

Right now we are training some new  younger girls for the church kids ministry.

As a ministry we are focused on investing  more and more  on disciple/mentorship. That way the kids watch the adults growing in their Faith and want to reproduce what they have learned.


Vila Rosa Church Construction

The construction is going well. We have started on the second part of the building while we still use the first part for having the service.


The Dance Ministry

The girls did a wonderful performance at the church.  There are 4 girls. Some of them came  to the ministry through  the teens program. Today they are helping to plan and organize the  teens events . Two Saturdays ago we had 87 teens from the community.  It was a blessed event .


Update on the Mota Family 

Sofia just turned 11 years old on June 2.

Daniel had his graduation on June 2. it was a lot of fun, now he is going to high school  They are so happy this is the last week of the school year!

Paulo is doing so-so.  Two weeks ago he went in the emergency room with kidney stones. He was in a lot of pain! The doctor said that the stone passed. Which is great news! Love from us all.

Well, 2014 is going so fast, the life is passing fast, I will be 50 in July (you are invited for my party (smile)), and last but not least Paulo will be 50 in October.

Thanks for your prayers and kindness, supporting  myself and my Family.