Missions Moment – Brazil

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Ireni Mota – Restoration Ministries

Just a reminder to some of you and to share with those who don’t know: when we started the ministry it was with the vision to reach the kids. As the years have come and gone and by God’s guidance, we decided to plant a church which today is known as Restoration Community Church. The church meets at the same facilities where we have Restoration Ministries activities during the week. Today we have close to 100 people attending the church. Our services are every second and fourth Sunday both morning and evening. The two other Sundays, the service happens in the evening!

Beside the main church, we have a home service in Iguatemi Community, one of the places where we do the ministry. Every Tuesday we have a group of people who meet for a worship time led by Wellington and Michael and to hear God’s Word presented by Pr. William. We have about 15 women attending this meeting

At Promorar Community we have rented a small facility where we hold a service every Saturday evening. We also have a capoeira ministry that happens every Tuesday and Saturday! Pr. Antonio is the one who leads the church as well as the capoeira ministry .

At Vila Rosa Community we continue to have a service every Saturday night. We are in the middle of the construction of the church building and count on your prayers! We are about to finished the first phase of the construction . We are so thankful for some churches and individuals that are financially supportive to this project

It has been awesome to see how God has blessed, moving the ministry and expanding the vision. Today we don’t just reach the kids, but are also working with their families. Our focus is on impacting the communities through discipleship. We are looking to build a new generation of leaders within the different levels in the ministry!

We have started the English school as a pilot project of doing business as a mission. Our focus is to share Christ as we teach English. It is working very well. The English school is working from the aspect of raising support for the ministry. The adults pay for their course, and the profit from these classes goes directly to support Restoration Ministries. We have four different groups (classes ) within the communities, teaching English to the kids. It has been great to see their growth with the idioms. I praise the Lord for Tati, whose focus has been on the development and structure of the English school.

The ministry has sponsored her in some training related to an English Christian school focus as ministry. She is excited about it. Daniele as well as Michael, Gisele and Erika are helping Tati teach some of the classes.

I’m inviting you to enjoy with us the excitement of what God has done and will be doing through the ministry. My prayer is that God will keep giving me and our team the vision, a humble heart, ears that keep listening to his voice, and most of all a servant heart. We know that it is a privilege to serve and obey what God has entrusted us, his team, to DO. He doesn’t need us to accomplish His mission but He has chosen us to work with Him.

I am glad that many years ago (believe me it is a long time ago) when I was 19, I decided to be in ministry. At that time, I had no idea where he would take me, but as I have shared with one of the ones I am mentoring, I do not regret my choice.