Missions Moment – Brazil

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Paulo and Irene Mota, Restoration Ministries

One more year is gone and went by so fast. Let start at the beginning.  I will say that we have some highlights as Paulo and I got into the fifties, well sometimes I really feel old.  I enjoyed very much having my fiftieth celebration at Camp California, it was so much fun.

Sofia had her 5th grade Christmas celebration,  she was looking like a princess, and her performance went very well, next year she is going to middle school the time is going too fast.  Day by day she is growing in her faith, and I call tell from a very young age, that she has a missionary heart – caring for others, always trying to help and be with the small kids is very special to her.

Daniel is in 9 grade, and enjoying it very much, even though he complains that it is hard. But as he always says to me: “mom don’t worry I’m a high-schooler, now I’m a big boy.” It has been fun and sometimes as a teenager, he drives me crazy.  I am proud of Daniel, as well as how he went through so many challenges with Paulo’s illness. He learned how to deal with it very well.  By this he has come to get maturity sooner, but today I can see that  as result, he has been stronger in his walk with Christ.

We are planning to send Daniel to study for a semester at school in California.

We are start to planning to come to the USA probably the middle of June to have a family vacation. Daniel will be staying in Folsom , CA.  I believe this will be a great experience for Daniel.

I am very pleased and happy to share with you friends that for so many years who have prayed for Paulo – he is doing wonderful, without any medicine  God is working in his life.  We, as a family, consider this as a Christmas gift that came early, and I am so thankful for each one of you that has prayed consistently for a miracle in Paulo’s life.  I  am grateful to the Lord for everything that he had done, and will continue to do in his life. I celebrate with you this miracle in Christ.

Ministry Update

We are pleased to share that the church is growing spiritually. We have had some new families come, and they are stepping up in leadership. This month we have been blessed by the baptism of 6 young people at the ministry day center.

We felt  blessed with a dream that was fulfilled; to build up the ministry day center located in the middle of the slums. This is where we work; a place that has been a light house in the middle of the dark.  We have added dormitories for visiting teams at the main day center. This is to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ that have the desire to serve; working along side with us.

We had a wonderful week with a Christmas party for the kids that we work with. We had three different Christmas parties in three different locations.  Dec  16th, 18th and 20th.

Unfortunately, I was not able to participate in all the parties – I am still recovering from my hernia surgery. It is hard for me to be without driving, not able to lift anything heavy. I can not do much, the good thing about this is that I  am taking time to work on my computer and get some other work done!

On Dec 20th, Camila, one of our volunteers in ministry, as well one of the teachers in the English school, got married! On Dec 21, we had our Christmas service. We had a lunch for the entire congregation at 3.30, then a wedding.

We praise the Lord for everything that He has done and will be doing through His will. You are part of all this, thank-you so much for your friendship and care for me, my family and the ministry.

Please, I hope you can consider to continue supporting me through prayer, giving financially  and advocating for us.

Thank-you so much to be joining me in doing ministry.

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your friends and families, celebrating the birth of our Lord.