Missions Moment – Brazil

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Paulo and Ireni Mota, Restoration Ministries

Thanks so much for your faithulness ,kindness  and friendship with us all, this years you have been part of our lives on the good and bad moments . I want to say thank you to all the prayers and encouragment  to me during the hard time I went trough  . God is good  and he does  miracle .

On this letter I want to share what God is doing in Paulo’s life.

Below Paulos testemony.

First, I want to ask for forgiveness. As you know I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder within the last 9 years. I suffered for a long 9 years, and I made my family, friends, and the church suffer. I lost almost everything. Almost, because by God’s grace I didn’t lose my family and a few friends never gave up on me. Mental illness is one of the worst diseases; awful and horrible.

But the God we profess, still the same God, merciful, graceful and powerful. He is still doing miracles today. He is the almighty God. This past July I was healed of my mental illness. I am no longer bipolar. God by His grace and power healed me miraculously. I am free of all the medications.

He not only healed my broken mind and body, He also restored my soul, forgiving my sins. He restored my relationship with Him, I am on fire for Him. He restored my family, and is restoring my relationships with people. I am going to everyone I remember that I sinned against and I am asking for forgiveness.

God is doing miracles in my life, in my family and home, in the church that I am reconciled to, and with friends. God is an amazing, graceful and powerful God. I praise Him every single moment. What I am now experiencing from God I have never before experienced in my life. I belong to Him and I am willing to follow Him, obey Him and love Him. Even my psychiatrist, one of the best in Brazil, and a non christian is overwhelmed by what is going on with me. He told me that the God of Christians is powerful to do miracles.

God did, and is doing what He is in my life for a purpose. The main purpose is for His glory because He is God. But also, He is speaking clearly through His word to me, saying that He is giving me a new mission, a new ministry. God is making it very clear to me that He made this miracle in my life, and in my family because He wants me to reach out, to “go” after the “lost sheep”, the “lost coin”. There are a lot, thousands, millions of people dealing with mental illness who are no longer in relationship with God. There are a lot of people sick, hurt, experiencing failure, inadequate or not fitting in. Many of those are no longer part of local churches, worst, no longer part of the church of Christ. But God cares for them, for each of them, and God is raising me “Paulo Mota” to go after them to minister His Love, His Word and pray.

Miracles happen through faith and faith comes through the Word and I am going after them to share the Word. I believe in a new time where many, many miracles will happens to His glory by His grace and power.

I thank you very much and I am asking you to join me in prayer and join me on my side, for me to accomplish God’s call and will.