Missions Moment – Brazil

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Ireni Mota, Restoration Ministries

I hope you are doing well. I am having a great time in the USA. God has been a  blessing – bringing people together to hear about what God has done in my life and my family as well in Restoration Ministries. It has been a blessing to see people from many years ago who since 1999 have been partners with us at Restoration Ministries. Partners who have been able to pray, cry and laugh with us. This is what relationship is all about, caring about one another in our serving together.

I am in California until August 14th, from here I leave to visit churches in New Jersey  and Brooklyn, and I will stay there until  August 21. From August 22-24, I will be in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and I will return to Sacramento August 25. I will then head to Texas from August 28-31. I will return to Brazil on September 1.

Paulo and Sofia are back home and are doing fine, Sofia started school already and is very excited about being in the 6th grade!

Daniel has moved to the Middleton’s house in Folsom, CA where he is staying for 6 months. I am going to miss my baby boy (smile); it will be hard but it will be a great experience for him.

We got a new desktop computer which we shipped back to Brazil, and unfortunately the suitcase is missing. Paulo has called the airline and they said the bag never left the USA. He is calling the airline everyday and they said that they are looking for it, but haven’t located the suitcase. Your prayers for a miracle would be appreciated!

Please keep praying for me and the upcoming meetings I will be in. Pray our God will continue to bless me for His glory. My prayer is that somehow people will be blessed  through what God has done in our ministry and our lives. My prayer is also that we could be out of our comfort zones and just let God use us the way he wants, enabling us to be open for the plan that God has for us.

I invite you to pray for Priscila (Pastor William’s wife). Her mom has been undergoing cancer treatment for awhile (chemo and radiation)  but right now the situation is critical. She was going to have surgery but the doctor said that her heart is very weak, they cannot do the procedure. Priscila is very worried and sad about the situation. Please pray for God to comfort the family during this difficult situation, and for the family to continue to rely on God.