Missions Moment – Brazil

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Paulo and Ireni Mota, Restoration Ministries


Dear Friends,

I hope this letter finds you well. My family and I are doing well, and I am recovering from hérnia surgery. When I went to the doctor two days ago and he said that that the surgery went well, however, the hernia itself was bigger than he thought!

The recommendation is for me to rest, which is very hard for me but I am feeling well. One more week and I will be back to my daily routine at Restoration Ministries!  So, for now, I am working from home.

My mom had her Hip surgery and everything went well, I praise the Lord , my mom does not have health insurance and needed to get this procedure done through the public system which was a blessing .

Sofia is enjoying middle school . This week the middle schoolers had a special class that was a discussion on purity, and it was fun talking about purity , it was fun to talk with  Sofia,  and see  her reaction and opinion  as she said “MOM it was embarrassing to talk about this” it was funny!

This June she will turn 13 years old, I am enjoying this transition.  Please keep praying for her to be what God meant for her to be.

Daniel is doing great in school and with his faith , I praise the Lord for the opportunity to be in the US last year, and how this trip contributed to his growth in many different ways. I am so grateful for the Middleton family that hosted him for Oak Hills Church, and the leaders that mentored Daniel. There is no price for all this!

Paulo is doing amazing, and as most of you know he is not going to Restoration Ministries Church  but, is attending another church closer to my house. At this church he hás the possibility to take a group of people that he is disciple-ing  around where we live. Also God is putting people in his life from all over where he is able to share what God has done in his life and share Christ with them. This is such a blessing.

We usually all go to this church together in the morning, and at night I will go to Restoration Ministries Church.
Right now the pastor of the church invited Paulo to lead  the prayer ministry at the church. Also, he has been invited to go on a trip this year with the head pastor of the church, they will visiting and focusing on missions, church planting and prayer ministry. Paulo is so happy, and loves to share his faith!

An up date on Restoration Ministries

Ken and Arlene Flurry who were with us, went to Mozambique for three months. We had a blessed time visiting with them, and are looking forward to having them back to us in January!

A Youth Conference 
The youth Conference mission trip at Vocare theme was on Turning the World Up Side Down! Restoration Ministries sent a group of youth to this conference where the focus was on missions, this set the youth on fire for Christ, and through Him the world will be turned upside down, as they are influencing others!


Camp California Church
Pastor William and Paulo are leading the church at Camp California. The church is growing with over 35 people, with attendance who the most of them are non-Christians. Families have been visiting, and getting involved with the church.

There will be a baptism at Camp California, where people from Vila Rosa Church, to the main church at the day center and from Camp California church  will get baptized. Praise the Lord!!

Women in the communities are coming to Christ 

We have the mom’s of the kids that we work with coming weekly to the ministries centers/churches for the service; this has been a blessing. We have around 45 women attending the programs .

Be part of short term missions trips impacting lives 

There is no language barrier to communicate Christ. We invite you to prayerfully consider coming to Brazil on a short term missions trip. Pray about this, it could change your life!

All the teams that had come and had a part in Restoration Ministries had impacted people’s lives. Recently, we had a team from Texas that was a blessing to the ministry.
Check out their report about  https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/championstories2016?source=feed_text&story_id=481283618744357

Thank you so much for your prayers and being part in this, for your generosity and kindness, love for our ministry.