Missions Moment – Brazil

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I have many things to be thankful to God my family, my health, for everything that God has done in my life, many blessing that I cannot count what amazing God.

I have the privilege to be in USA in this holiday season visiting different churches in different locations have been a blessed in each place that I had visited, I fell like I am home with a warm welcome, and lovely hospitality.

Those relationships are so precious! I praise the Lord for each one of you.  Through Him we can find and share a real joy in  the relationship.

On Dec. 2 I am going back to Brazil, once again thanks so much for be part of my life and enjoying me doing ministry.

I love each one of you and please  keep my family, Restoration Ministries and myself  in your prayers.

Psalm 100 – We praise Him joyfully as God, Creator and Shepherd, give thanks because He is good, loving and forever faithful.