Missions Moment – Canada

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Hi from Chicago.  I am here to visit a supporting church and will try to meet with some of those who support our ministry.  I just wanted to update you on our apartment situation, mentioned in my last e-mail.

One apartment has been totally cleaned, painted, and some renovations have been done.  The apartment was rented to a retired man who was a taxi driver in the past.  He paid for half of January, all of February, and gave me postdated checks through June.  Thanks for praying.  We had lots of help, Kathy and I worked hard, and God provided.

The other apartment has been cleaned out, and the furniture and personal effects were delivered to the young man who was the former renter, who is now living with his father.  We were able to convey our forgiveness and encouragement to the young man who is going through a tough time and is being helped out by his Dad.  His Dad has committed to pay 70% of his son’s debt toward us, once he gets paid for some architectural work he has done.  The father was so thankful for the gesture we made.  We were happy to extend grace and yet still hope to receive some of the money owed.

This has been a great learning time for us and our kids.  I teach at two retreats each year which focus on forgiveness and use all kinds of illustrations of amazing forgiveness stories.  Now I guess I can share about my own struggles with forgiveness.  Of course my victories are not at all like those great stories I have shared about others, like Corrie Ten Boom, but it is so important to be able say that I am living out what I believe and teach.  And my kids are having to work through the same issues and they also are forgiving, although it seems a bit more difficult for them.

Please pray for the rental of the second apartment, to a serious renter who might have spiritual interest.  For some of those who have asked, Guillaume, our downstairs renter is still with us, but he still has his own struggles.  But he is sensing a deep need for change and we hope he might finally make some important steps forward.

Of course all this is happening during my most full travel months of the year!  Struggles like this only convince me that there are some very good things in store for 2014.

One last wonderful gift was the opportunity to share the Gospel last week with two Latinos who attend our French speaking church in Montreal.  Gerardo and Reyna both prayed and placed their trust in Christ for their salvation rather than their own works.  It was a wonderful moment.  Gerardo said, ‘Now I understand what it means to truly become a Christian.  I knew there was something different between us and others in church!’