Missions Moment – Central America

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Paul and Janie Hutton – Missions Door

They wrote in June: In a few hours we will be leaving for Honduras to take a short-term missions team to work on Campamento Converge outside of Tegucigalpa for a total of nine days. This will be our fourth group in five years from Garden Spot Village in New Holland, PA to serve at the camp.

This year we have a very special group joining our eight. Twelve more are from Grace Baptist Church in York, PA. Grace sent the first missions team in the mid-nineties to start the original construction. Now, almost 20 years later, they will get to see how the camp has developed and how it is being used to serve the Lord.

We will be grateful for your prayers. Pray that we might accomplish our goals. We’ll be finishing a cabin built by another group, and we’ll be doing lots of painting on the inside and outside of the 10,000 sq ft multi-purpose building.



Besides construction, our team will be doing three days of children’s programs at a local school. A visit taking some crafts to a local orphanage is on the schedule, as well as helping host a group from “Prepace”, a local organization that serves folks with Cerebral Palsy. They will be at the camp from Friday to Saturday. Pray that they will see the Lord in our serving.



Thank you for your prayers and support.

Paul and Janie