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Paul and Janie Hutton, Missions Door

Christmas finds us in Phoenix with McCombs, enjoying each other, as well as delightful programs and activities that remind us of God’s greatest gift to us – Jesus.

At the end of February, Paul will lead a group from Garden Spot Village, PA to Intibucá, Honduras to work with Erick and Yoamy Sanchez, national missionaries serving among the Lenca Indians. The project includes church construction, a children’s program and a leadership training retreat for Lenca pastors and leaders. For a more complete picture, watch our video of the Lenca work. Copy and paste this link into your browser: http://youtu.be/_sBUwktpxFU

Many challenges will affect our lives in 2016. May we walk close to the Lord and be true to Him every day, so that everyone we speak with will see Him in us. Have a blessed Christmas