Missions Moment – Central America, Columbia, Cambodia

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Aaron & Nancy Palmatier, Missions Door

I have been on the road most of the past few months. The travel has been good and the ministry in Cambodia, Nicaragua, and Mexico is going well. As you read our letter below, I will be on my way to Bogota, Colombia where I will meet with pastors and missionaries.

“Can you please take a few more boys? We don’t know what to do with them.” The judge pleaded with Rigoberto to say yes. The judge was asking Rigoberto to accept these juvenile delinquents into Finca Belen. Finca Belen is in Nicaragua near the Honduran border. It serves as a training center for local farmers, a road side café, and most importantly a rehabilitation center for youth in trouble with the law. These youth learn wood and metal working skills but also learn about Jesus. Most become Christians along the way. Finca Belen has had great success with youth that society, including the legal system, has given up on. Rigoberto explained to the judge that they were in the process of rebuilding the dormitories and would prefer not to take new students. However, after the pleading by the judge he accepted the new students. Please pray for these students as well as the others at Finca Belen. Pray that they can come to know Jesus and he will guide them to a better life.

I had the privilege of working with Church on the Hill to rebuild the dormitories and prepare the location for the new students.

The Mexican pastors and missionaries met for the all team gathering in San Carlos, Mexico. It was a much needed time for the team to be together with each other and their families. The team is very spread out and usually does not see each other during the year. The team shared joys and sorrows from their ministry. This year there seemed to be many sorrows as they shared the hardships they faced this year. I was challenged by each one of them that they were able to persevere in ministry after going through such difficult times. Please pray for the team as they continue to plant new churches in difficult areas of the country. Please pray for me that I can effectively lead the team to victory.