Missions Moment – Ecuador

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Greetings from Kevin and Marcy Carlson in Guayaquil Ecuador.  It’s been a long while since we last wrote, but we want to let you know that you all have been on our minds and in our hearts.  We hope you all are experiencing Christ’s warmest blessings at the beginning of this new year.

Marcy and I want to thank all of you for helping us financially during 2013.  Your regular financial support and generous Christmas gift were a great encouragement to us. We really appreciate your partnership as we work to equip the Lord’s church in Ecuador.

We continue to serve with Avant Ministries at the Belén Evangelical church in Guayaquil Ecuador.  I (Kevin) continue to assist pastor Padilla by teaching and preaching regularly. I recently began a series on 1 John.  Along with the ministry at church, we continue to have people in our home whenever possible.  We enjoy mentoring university students, young people embarking on careers and ministries, and newly married couples beginning their families.

In late 2013 Belén welcomed eleven new members who were recently baptized into the church family. On Sunday mornings the church’s small worship hall has been packed to capacity on a regular basis.  Even the evening service attendance has seen a increase from just a handful of people, to around 40.  Please pray for the new believers being discipled. Below is a photo of the new members as they were welcomed into the church fellowship.  Last year the church stepped up its effort to share the gospel in the community. Some of these efforts included door to door witnessing, evangelistic services held at a local athletic complex, and outreaches to some of the poor farming communities outside of the city.


Marcy and I also appreciate your prayers as we continue to provide in home care for Marcy’s 91 year old mom.  As many of you know, Marian has been confined to bed for over a year.  When she is awake she is fairly lucid and coherent.  But lately she sleeps most of the time, and often it is difficult for her to wake up.  We are blessed with several ladies who help day and night. Please pray that the Lord would grant us physical and emotional strength to continue providing the care Marcy’s mom deserves. And please pray that we would be able to properly balance our ministry responsibilities, care giving role, and our needs as a couple.

Thank you for supporting our ministries through your financial giving and prayers.  May the Lord bless you all abundantly in the coming year.