Missions Moment – Ellensburg, Washington

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Matt and Susi Lundquist, Campus Ambassadors, Missions Door

Each Monday afternoon I take some time to contact friends and alumni.

Today I decided to drop you an note and let you know how things are going in our Campus Ambassadors ministry here at Central Washington U.

Last year I had four on student leadership, one married couple, the other two eventually got engaged!

The engaged couple graduated last June and yesterday I attended their wedding!

The other husband is doing his student-teaching as a High School band conductor, His wife is finishing school also but still plays keyboard on our worship team.

Of course this is nothing new. Students have been graduating & getting married since I was appointed to Campus Ambassadors in 1985.

I am very grateful for three new student leaders! We have been planning the weekly meetings and have a Fall retreat on the calendar for November.

I continue meeting New Students in a variety of ways. There are many who are more suited to come to a “pre-christian” meeting I call “The Cave.”

Ironically many students identify as “post-christian!” The Friday afternoon venue also hosts many who identify as “nones” (no religious preference) as well as atheist, agnostic, skeptic, etc.

We have a fun time – entertaining, engaging, stimulating, occasionally frustrating. But everyone’s views can be heard and there is respectful dialogue!

On Wednesday nights at our worship & bible study meeting the attendance is small but consistent. We have seen a few new faces but it’s a little behind the CAVE in growth this year.

Friday night potluck is up and down depending who all goes home for the weekend. Susi made a big pot of Pumpkin Chili because for a couple of weeks we’ve had 10-12!

But this last weekend we ended up with leftover chili because there were only 4 students who came!

We love our work with students and appreciate all the prayers and gifts that enable us to invest our lives in this way.