Missions Moment – Ellensburg, Washington

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Matt and Susi Lundquist, Central Washington University, Campus Ambassadors

The Liberty Theatre, in downtown Ellensburg, is where our church meets on Sunday, and Campus Ambassadors on Wednesday Nights.

This Fall has been an exciting time of new beginnings.  With Susi and I partnering on staff together, we had several meetings with our student leaders to plan ministry.  We chose to meet in the upstairs auditorium of our church, which is a renovated theatre downtown.  We saw an opportunity on the calendar the day before our first meeting.

“Bite of the Burg” draws students downtown to sample food from local restaurants.  Many other free samples and promotional items are also given away.  1,650 incoming freshman, along with thousands of returning students, were invited to this event.

Since our church building is right on the way as students walk downtown from campus, we decided to open the lobby on that Thursday afternoon and offer free espresso drinks.  We brought down some wicker furniture for the lobby and a returning student, who is not yet a believer, was out on the sidewalk inviting people in!  Alex was pleased to show them around the theater when they came in to get mochas & latte’s.

Some of the students we met that afternoon came by our table in the SURC the next day and gave us their info so we could text them about events.  Pray for our follow-up of these contacts.