Missions Moment – Equador

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Kevin and Marcy Carlson, Avant

This week I’ve been preparing Bible studies based on Philippians 1. In verses 3-5 Paul writes, “I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.” As I read this passage I immediately thought of our faithful supporters and prayer partners back in North America. Marcy and I have been so blessed by your partnership in the ministry here in Guayaquil. While we are physically far away from many of our friends and family, we carry you in our hearts, and thank the Lord for you all. We may not get to see you often, but we never stop thinking of you, and thanking God for you.

We continue to serve in Guayaquil Ecuador with Avant ministries. In July I (Kevin) had the opportunity to teach a Bible college level course at Seminario Peniel’s Guayaquil extension. Seminario Peniel is a Bible institute, headquartered in the city of Riobamba, which is located in the center of the Andean Mountain range in Ecuador. Peniel was founded by, Alberto Copa, a Quichua pastor who received his ministry preparation at Avant’s Hebron Seminary in Bolivia. Following graduation from seminary, Pastor Copa returned to Ecuador. He and other like minded Quichua indigenous leaders have sought to promote sound Biblical and theological education throughout the country. (I should mention that the Quichua community is the largest indigenous group in Ecuador.)

The Guayaquil extension began offering training earlier this year. I had the honor of helping them by teaching an introductory course on the Pentateuch, Genesis through Deuteronomy. Our classes were held during the first week of July, and ran from 2 to 8PM. It was a challenge to get through all five books. About 20 students attended during the week I taught.

Marcy and I continue to assist the Belén Evangelical Church were we have been serving since 2006. Recently the church received a request from the local Bible Broadcasting Network station (BBN). Belen, and a select group of churches in Guayaquil will be recording some of their Sunday sermons for future broadcast. I felt very honored when Pastor Emner Padilla approached me about recording some of my messages for the radio. As some of you may recall, I worked for about ten years at a Christian radio station in southeast Pennsylvania prior to becoming a missionary.

We also want to thank you for praying for our family. Marcy’s mother continues to hang on through multiple bouts of pneumonia and bronchitis. The illnesses seems to be coming more frequently, and her body continues to weaken. However, in spite of her declining health, she remains lucid, and has maintained a peaceful outlook.

May the Lord bless you abundantly as you walk with Him.