Missions Moment – France

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Craig & Cynthia Davis, WorldVenture

The Big Move

After 35 years of ministry in France making followers of Jesus Christ who will make other disciples, developing autonomous evangelical church families and training musicians to serve in the greater Paris area, it is time to move on to other endeavors. The word most commonly used for this change is “retirement”. Cynthia and I will be leaving France the week of June 5th and be retiring from WorldVenture on December 31, 2017. We will be touching down in Portland before heading south on I-5 to Sacramento and then on to La La Land (Yes, we did see the movie last week…). We will eventually return to the Sacramento area where we will set up shop for the coming years.

As we think of leaving the region we call “home” since 1984, one phrase keeps returning to our minds: “We want to finish well.” It will be hard to say goodbye to so many people we have known for so many years. We have been involved in the planting and development of four different churches in the eastern suburbs of Paris. Even though we have only been at the Torcy church since September 2015, we have ministered with and created bonds with many wonderful believers in this church family. One of the advantages of serving in a smaller church is that you get to know people more quickly. We will miss these new friends.

Since 1987, I have seen many of my music students develop into competent musicians and members of their church worship teams. One of the strange phenomenas is that I have recently realized that I have junior high and senior high students whose parents took lessons from me years ago! If they don’t understand something that I tell them, they can simply ask their parents for an explanation! I still immensely enjoy the music ministry. Maybe God will find a place for me to serve in the coming years in California.

Selling Stuff

We are not talking about a simple yard sale here, but selling our apartment, our car and most of our household furnishings! Yikes! The middle of January we put our apartment on the market since it takes a minimum of three months to close the sale of a real estate property in France. We have had a couple of visits with a few more to come, but nothing definite yet. We are trusting in God’s perfect timing for the sale of our apartment. As Isaiah 26:3 says, “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” It’s all a question of trusting the Lord!


Praying With Us

Cynthia and I would like to ask you to pray with us about the following subjects:

* The sale of our apartment at a price that will allow us to purchase adequate housing in the greater Sacramento area. A functional kitchen, a cozy dining area and a living room that would allow us to receive guests and a home group would be priorities for us.

* Wise decisions about what to keep and what to sell. What we keep will need to be shipped to California.

* A friend in Portland has agreed to help us find a reliable and economic car. He owes us this favor (it’s a long story dating back to our early deputation days with CBFMS…)!

* Besides keeping up our exercise activities of swimming and walking, we will eventually need to decide on our future ministry plans. As we say in French, a few ideas keep trotting around in our heads!

* Because of the expenses involved in moving back to the States and visiting our support team from July through December, we would like to ask all our faithful financial partners to continue giving to our support until we retire on December 31, 2017. This commitment will allow us to make a smooth transition back to life in the USA! Thanks.