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Marty and Denise Shaw, WorldVenture

Denise and I left for Brazil. We have been in South America for two weeks. As our focus is now global we are finding our travels and ministries take beyond Asia. What a privilege it is to see God’s hand at work around the world and to explore new opportunities.

This trip has taken us first to Brazil, then Uruguay and finally Argentina. Here is a slice of our schedule while gone.


Thursday 28th Fly from Campinas Brazil to northern Brazil.

Friday, 29th Visit churches and then drive 3-4 hours to the city where the 70th Anniversary Convention was held. Marty preached in the evening session.

Saturday, 30th The day was spent in meetings. Marty preached at the evening session.


Sunday 31st  Aug. 2nd    Drive back 3-4 hours and then fly an hour in order to arrive in the evening for the start of the conference with the missionaries. These meetings lasted through Tuesday, August 2nd.

Wednesday, August 3rd Fly to Montevideo, Uruguay. Two+ hour bus ride to city. Meet with a missionary. Visited seminary. Saw part of the city. Long day.

Thursday, August 4th 8:00 a.m.- Breakfast

10:00 a.m. – Interview with professor in Baptist Seminary

12:00 p.m. – Lunch

1:30 p.m. – See more of the city.

5:30 p.m. Leave for seminary

6:30 – 9:00 p.m. – Visit class at seminary.

Another long, but good day.

Friday, August 5th Left in the morning for a two hour boat trip to Argentina. Saw city and meet with people.

Saturday, August 6th Meetings and seeking to understand the city of Buenos Aires. According to one group less than 1% of the professionals in this major South American city are believers.

Sunday August 7th More time in the city. Flew out in the evening (10+ hour red-eye flight) to return to the US.

Monday, August 8th  Arrived in Colorado


Well that was how we spent those two weeks and a half. Airplanes, buses, cars and a boat. Many conversations, with most being translated. Preached and shared. Fellowshipping and worship with new friends. Thank you for joining us on this trip through prayer. We will send another update after our return.


Prayer Requests:

  1. We will have taken a total of 9 flights over the two weeks. Pray that we experience travel mercies.
  2. We will have shared some of our locations with mosquitoes. In this part of the world that also means things like, Zika and Dengue. Neither of which we would like to experience.
  3. Marty will have spoken 4 times in northern Brazil. Twice at the 70th Anniversary gathering of the Baptist churches in that part of Brazil. Twice with our WorldVenture missionaries at their conference.
  4. We will have met with multiple people in the last two countries as we look for new opportunities for ministries, especially in large urban areas where churches tend to be scarce. Pray that God will have given us insight and wisdom in each conversation.