Missions Moment – Guinea

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Brenda Allen, WorldVenture

Unlike normal I am starting this newsletter with prayer points.

For those of you who have the time… you can read the whole letter which expands on December cultural differences and similarities between Guinea and my passport country, the USA.



  1. We have over 35 second and third year students enrolled in in our supplemental nursing classes each Saturday afternoon.  The first year students haven’t even enrolled yet, having just started school at the end of  November.  Their first class with us is December 9th. Pray for Pepe, Andre and me as we share both from God’s Word and nursing practices.
  2. Praise God for the two village trips I went on with a  nurse co-worker, Beth, to 5 of the 7 villages where we previously taught. It was really fun to see people I haven’t seen in a few years.  Hearing their appreciation of Beth as she said good-bye before leaving Guinea after 26 years was touching. Sadly there are not yet believers in any of these villages.
  3. As the other missionary nurse in the region, some responsibilities we have shared such as teaching nursing students and doing  expat medical diagnosis & treatment, will rest more on me.  Pray that I would know what I can do well and what  I need to refer to others.  Beth’s departure leaves a big hole.
  4. I am enjoying the yard mates and seeing growth in their daily walks! Pray for co-workers Rachel and Astrid as they are also opening their home to University gals.  Pray that God will show them who to invite into their living community.



You can help!  Monies are needed to help fund Beachhead Mission Advance. This  building project which is near completion will facilitate  many ministries in Upper Guinea where I live. This week  electric wires were being pulled and the tile is being laid.

Until the end of December any monies raised from new WorldVenture donors will be matched by a foundation that we are working with. We need $9,000 more to meet our goal and receive the $45,000 in matching funds. Would some of you consider helping financially for the first time to WorldVenture – Guinea Beachhead Mission Advance?

Donations can be made by check to WorldVenture and mailed to: WorldVenture  20 Inverness Place East, Englewood, CO 80112-5622  (Include a note that says  for Guinea Beachhead Mission Advance)


Donations can be made on online by credit card @ WorldVenture.com   Click on Menu then Donate then Guinea then Beachhead Mission Advance. If you have questions shoot me an email @ BrendaAllen@WorldVenture.com  Thank you so much for your consideration of this need.

So what’s it like in December in Guinea, West Africa?


The dust is rolling in from the north…not the snow.

During the early morning hours it sometimes get down to 50 degrees… in the morning folks are wearing layers or a coat if they have them…the afternoons are in the 90’s still.

The veggies in the open market are scarce due to the dry season. This morning someone came to the door who had been to Mali to buy veggies to resell.  I got some fresh zucchini…a treat for me!  I did have  watermelon recently…I guess watermelons like the cooler temperatures….I wish strawberries and raspberries would grow here in Upper Guinea. ☹ Lately someone has been roasting whole chickens “on the street”…my  idea of great healthy fast food!  😊

No lighted trees…there is limited electricity and so that just doesn’t happen at my house. Recently my yard mates were thrilled that the city lights came on in their annex after 2 weeks without power. At best it is “on” every other day for 6 hours in the evening.  I miss the twinkling lights on the trees.  ☹

No rushing to the stores for last minute purchases…I don’t miss that! Actually if you know me very well you know that “wouldn’t never happen”….I am a “born shopper” but on the early side.  😊   Hee hee!


I have a Christmas tree with many decorations.  I have been collecting decorations from different places I have been over the years. I even got my ornaments out of Cote d’Ivoire after the war in 2002.   I enjoyed putting the tree up and telling stories to my yard mates. Each of them added an ornament with their name on it.  It was a way to share God’s goodness, my special memories, something of beauty and a taste of my passport culture! I don’t tire of telling the story of Christ’s birth with the numerous nativity sets I have around the living room.  The exciting thing is that he wasn’t just born long ago…HE IS LIVING TODAY!

Time with other believers, primarily at church, is the center of the celebration of Christ’s Birthday….what sometimes feels lacking  to me in traditions is made up for with the hours we spend singing and worshipping. In my local church we will have an all-night vigil on Christmas Eve….I don’t think I will be making it all night.  I am hoping for services that aren’t longer than 4 hours! Maybe this last one should go under differences…what do you think?

May you count your blessings this season of Christ’s birth! I am!