Missions Moment – Guinea

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Brenda Allen, WorldVenture

December…was a month of unexpected events!

My adolescent classes/clubs were cancelled for all but the first week of December due to government testing and school vacation. Enoch, my teaching partner and I were bummed!  We had just finished our first unit with Biblical stories about God being the Creator and all powerful.  The health lessons were on personal and home hygiene. We have two great groups of 15 students from 8th and 9th grades.  We are resuming classes this week!

My pastor preached a sermon on the voyage that Mary and Joseph made and the difficulties it posted for a very pregnant mother-to-be.  He challenged us to follow through with what God asks us to do even if it means a difficult “voyage.” That happened for me this month!

Last month I mentioned my nurse co-worker Beth.  I spent 9 days in Bamako Mali with her because she needed to be hospitalized on IV’s with a severe infection in her leg and foot. The medical care was good but the amenities of the hospital were a little different than America  (ie. No toilet paper, no drinking water, no towels, two little spoons that were brought for tea we hoarded the whole time…plus we forgot our bucket…your imagination is working now… 😊…nothing gross… it just so we could have hot water for bathing…so no hot water for us. The timing of this trip was difficult for both Beth and I with ministry and personal things we are anticipated doing in Kankan for the Christmas celebration with Jesus followers. Best laid plans are just that — plans… another round of learning in flexibility and service for me!

One thing on the upside was the time I had to reflect and listen to worship music on my IPOD while I spent the days and nights in the hospital with Beth. (Here each sick person has at least one person with them at all times…sick people aren’t left alone). I won’t forget  this year’s Advent season. Never would I have expected this additional “bonding time” with a friend before her permanent departure in February for stateside living.

A joyous event was a ladies camp for high school and University students in our region.  One of my yard mates, Anne headed up the camp.  I was able to attend the camp the week after Christmas. It was cool to see the girls grapple with what it means to be a female leader and to extend forgiveness to others.

Please continue to pray for the 5 university students that I live with here in Guinea.  Pray that God would remind them daily of his love for them. Pray that they would not seek to find love from sexual relationships with men.

Pray for the unity of the body of Christ in Upper Guinea. Pray that I would be fervent in prayer and in coming alongside the pastor’s wives in our town. I am hoping to have all of them come together to a TEA party in my home.