Missions Moment – Guinea

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Brenda Allen, WorldVenture

I am delighted to announce that God has OPENED the door to my heart and my home!  What do I mean?

Four Jesus following female University students moved into my courtyard this week. My large home has felt rather empty since my  long-term housemate Sue moved stateside in November. I have been praying for over a  year that God would prepare some Guinean women and myself to live together in community.

I am excited about this new way of living! I don’t know yet all that will be common.   We will find out!  I do know that “iron sharpens iron. ” We will learn from each other as we live daily life together. I am the biggest novice of the five of us to community life….Guineans have lots more experience with “community living” that I do. Pray that I be a good model and not stumbling block in their faith journey!   I trust that our unity will be a sweet aroma of Christ despite our differences in culture, experiences, language, age…

Especially the first month of living together in community, will you PRAY regularly and specifically?

Clear communication!
Flexible Expectations!
Shared Laughter!
Short Accounts when there are difficulties!

I would love to hear from you a written prayer on our behalf, if you pen your prayers! It would be a great encouragement to me.

Weekly classes with Nursing school students  and adolescents continue.  My national partners do any awesome job of sharing from God’s Word each week  and challenging students to think.  Please pray that Elisa, Enoch and Andre listen carefully to what the Holy Spirit would have them share!

In December, I was stateside just a few days short of a month.  It was a wonderful time with my parents, sister, brother and their families in San Jose and Chicago! The medical checks went well too! A nasty virus kept me from visiting with a couple of friends and postponed my departure for Africa for 3 extra days but that was the only disappointment. I am so thankful!