Missions Moment – Guinea

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Brenda Allen, WorldVenture

Last month I talked about how “HOT” it gets here in Guinea!  April is another  “HOT” month that rivals March but there are those occasional days when the winds pick up and after that comes some rain.  The big daily rains won’t come until June or July… but there is promise of fruit in mangoes that come early before harvest time. I have done a lot of seed sowing during the past 12 years in Guinea.  At times the “fruit” feels like it will never ripen into  luscious and tasty fruit. At times the blossoms fall off before the fruit comes.  At times the ground is hard and the tree dies.  At times it is easy to for me to be jealous of others who have reports of a harvest ready for picking.  Then I often hear an encouraging word from you…one of my “peoples.” Thanks for being that encouraging word or touch of rain.

March 18th was a day of “luscious rainfall.”  I had a special afternoon event in my home with my adolescent students. Twenty-three of the thirty Health and Morals students from my after school club came to the event   We played crazy games as only  8th  graders can do, talked about what if means to be a good friend, ate snacks ( banana bread & cookies) and  shared skits on what they were learning during the health portion of the club. It was a great afternoon and I look forward to future visits “chez moi” from some of these students (Most of these kids are not from believing families and many follow the predominant religion here). May these informal times of interaction “reap fruit” in the years to come. They know there is open door  at “Mama Mariame”, as I am called these days since moving  from the auntie to the grandma bracket.  ?

Pray for the students in both my health and morals class/club as well as my nursing students that I teach each week. Pray that the truths they hear and the discussion we have will  be ”watered blossoms that will yield fruit.”  Pray for three nurses that are graduating this year May they recall often the spiritual and health lessons that we learned together. I so want them to be  wise nurses who  care, counsel and promote prevention.

Pray for me as I continue to struggle with compulsive overeating.  I desperately need to lose weight to maintain good health or regain great health. I have a huge network of people who support me in many different ways related to my eating.  I find being part of Overeaters Anonymous 12 Step Program very helpful. It was humbling last month to teach on Obesity one Saturday and know that I am a poor model.

Pray too for two young Guinean “InterVarsity  interns” that I meet with weekly for Bible study.  May our discussion in the book of John deepen their understanding and application of Jesus truths.  Both plan to continue full-time in vocational Christian ministry.  Lord willing one will be starting a Christian medical lab in our city. The other one  hopes to serve as a pastor after Bible school. Both of these ventures take money which they do not have personally. Pray I would have wisdom to know who and when to use my financial resources.

Speaking of resources…..I could use some!  I now need only $50/month and also some one time gifts for ministry expenses. Some of those who have committed to support me monthly are no longer doing so on a regular basis. This means I came up short on salary almost every month in 2016 to the tune of over $2200 for the year. I have seen God provide many times before for my needs, wants and gifts to those in need.  I am confident that will continue! Thanks for those of you who have responded to my recent support needs and to those of you who have faithfully supported me…some for 27 years now!

Thanks to those of you who faithfully pray for me.  I am grateful for your part in my ministry. Keep those arrows going up!

I am looking forward to a fresh mango or two a day!