Missions Moment – Guinea

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Brenda Allen, WorldVenture

Join me in being thankful for…!

Nursing class students: (We are working on calculating drug dosages this month…it is challenging for them).

Community living situation: (All but one of the five University yard mates are back now and ready to start classes).

Adolescent classes are off and going strong…30 precious kids this year.

Girl’s university ministry opportunities: (We are excited about having a University gals camp in December). 😊

Our church plant has it’s first pastor! (Pray that I would know to be an encouragement to believing national leadership in our town).



Guinea Co-worker Mark who is at the Mayo clinic for cancer treatments! He and his wife are precious friends and not having their presence here is a great loss. It is hard for me not to beg God for his healing.  In my human thinking they are needed here in Guinea.  Pray along with me that God’s Will would be done!

May my teaching partner Enoch and his wife Georgette be empowered with strength and blessed with an overflowing love for Enoch sisters’ kids, who they are raising since her death this summer, along with their two biological kids…may  all the kids come to know and love God.

University classes and ministries are supposed to be starting up this month! Pray that the current teacher’s strike would end and that classes could start for the year.