Missions Moment – Guinea, West Africa

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Brenda Allen, WorldVenture


This was the laying of the first brick of our ministry building here in Kankan, Guinea. Local pastors, missionaries and workmen coming together to ask for God’s blessing and hand of protection on this BEACON OF LIGHT in our neighborhood. More funding is needed!



Health and Moral Class Presentations

My two classes had the opportunity to present some of the things they had learned this year in front of the school administration. Enoch my teaching partner did a great job as the Master of Ceremonies. It was an interesting and fun afternoon! 

In our last class session together Enoch stressed they have choices to make which range from smoking cigarettes to sexual relations. His challenge to them was to choose wisely and according to God’s Word, which we have taught from weekly. Most of these aren’t kids from Jesus following families but follow the predominant religion in our region. Pray for the seeds of truth that were sown!

Another school year has ended and the students are taking exams this month. Passing into the next year after 6th, 10th and 13th grade is based on the final exam grades in the various subjects. Pray that kids will have quick recall of what they have studied and that exams will be graded fairly.



  • – June 6th to July 5th is a time of fasting for my dear “neighbors”
  • – Renewed emotional & mental health
  • – That seeds sown in students lives bear fruit