Missions Moment – Honduras

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Paul and Janie Hutton – Missions Door

Could we do it? Could we really build a 2,900 sq ft meeting house at Campamento Converge in ten days? Our team was too small. Only a dozen had signed up for the Honduras short-term missions project; and on top of that we were to be responsible for a children’s program in the local school and would be helping with a retreat for folks with disabilities.

The Lord answered our prayers and rounded out our group with seven men with building expertise, and with several ladies who speak Spanish including Janie and Paul’s sister Lorraine. Her husband Chuck joined the construction crew. It was a special treat to have our daughter Nancy and Bill McComb, missionaries in Senegal, come from West Africa with their 17-year old twins to lend us their skills. (Nancy lived in Honduras until age 9.)

And that’s not all. Our camp missionary host’s parents came from Arizona, and he’s a contractor! It turned out to be one of the best teams we’ve ever worked with. The teens were a delight, not only building and painting, but building relationships with each other and with the kids on campus. Our twin grandsons used their early childhood tree-climbing experience to work fearlessly on the building trusses; and did we say that the ladies painted and painted and painted – siding and bunks and dorm walls?

Materials were provided by the Community Church at Garden Spot Village and Grace Baptist Church of York, PA. Team members raised their own funds. Besides the 23 visiting North Americans; a like number of Hondurans built the foundation and had materials waiting on site. They were ready with good food and lodging, waiting for us to work with them side-by-side.

It’s a huge blessing to be given the freedom to hold children’s programs in the public school. Our team helped with singing, Bible stories and crafts. Paper shopping bags make great vests with lots of room for stickers and coloring.

Rocafam is a local organization providing services to folks with various disabilities. Campamento Converge provides a welcome retreat from the daily routine. Michelle Crotts has developed and organizes programs that include singing, games, crafts, time around a bonfire plus support ministries for the families; providing an open door for sharing the Gospel. For our 7-minute video, follow this link: https://vimeo.com/230946738

Campamento Converge will be busy every weekend throughout the rest of the year. Pray that it will be an effective venue to reach Hondurans with the Gospel. We are grateful for the opportunity to have a part in this ministry and we thank you so much for your prayers and support.