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International VicePresident, WorldVenture

It has been a fall of travels. Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and South America. It ended up being more travels then we had planned for, but each trip went well. Again, as always, we appreciate your prayers for us.

Traveling that much we see the world in a different way. From our interactions with missionaries and national leaders we are challenged by the great need in the world. In some of the countries we can be open and in others we have to be very careful which words we use as you never know who is listening. Words like missionary, church, and evangelism aren’t spoken, while other words or letters replace them when spoken.

We have walked the streets and seen refugees from wars. I was barely ten feet out of the door of the plane only to come face to face with police who were stopping everyone (because of the country we had flown out of) and checking passports. Refugees and people moving, legally and illegally are a reality.

After a great trip into a closed country we were dropped off at the airport. After checking in for our flight and passing through immigration a text popped up on my phone from the worker who had just dropped us off letting us know that there had been an explosion in an area where we had been just two days previously and there were fatalities. Rather sobering to be that close. We live in a needy world.

My last trip took me to Brazil and a gathering of our missionaries in that part of the world. In writing about this gathering, Jim T. our leader in that part of the world wrote:

Eleven field workers came from Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Marty Shaw, our Vice President of International Ministries, also attended and shared some great teaching from the Bible on conflict and sin.

In addition to the above we interacted on a number of topics with the goal of effectively seeing the spread of the Gospel and the growth of the church in that part of the world.

God has been good this year. You have been part of our work we are very grateful.

Prayer Requests

  1. Pray that we will rest well as we take some days off around Christmas and New Year’s.
  2. Pray for the seeds and work we have done in 2015 that God would continue to multiply them for His Kingdom.
  3. Thank the Lord for the good health He has given us this year.
  4. Pray for our planning for 2016. We have already received invitations for ministry both here in the US and around the world. We want to be strategic in our ministry.