Missions Moment – Istanbul

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Our friend in Istanbul

I am slowly but surely adjusting to this beautiful, crazy city. Honestly, after just a few weeks here, Ankara seems like a small town in comparison! Life in Istanbul doesn’t really slow down—crowds fill the buses and streets throughout the day and night, and just finding your way from one part of the city to another can involve multiple forms of transportation—and lots of walking. I must say that Istanbul was rightly named the “city of seven hills”—it seems anywhere I need to go involves climbing a steep hill! 🙂

I’m living on the European side of the city, but most days in the week I cross the Bosporus to the Asian side, where a few of the ministries I’m involved in are located. I’ve joined a few English teaching ministries, where I’ve been able to meet some college students and young professionals who come to practice their English. It has also been encouraging to gather each week with those who share my heart for worship and prayer—this has been a highlight! I’m thankful for friends here who have made me feel welcome in this new city and for those who have embraced me and invited me to serve alongside of them in ministry. Thanks for your prayers!

Thanks also for praying for my friend in Ankara who asked for a Bible before I left. Last week I was in Ankara to renew my visa, and I was able to see her again. She told me excitedly that she had read all the way to Leviticus! She shared that she was finally gaining an understanding of the foundation that she had never found from reading the Koran–finally she was finding answers to questions always left unanswered. We had a wonderful conversation about the things she had read, tracing God’s plan through creation, the fall, and other key passages in her readings. She seems so eager to read! We plan to read one of the Gospels together next. Please keep her in mind as you pray.

Pray that this time in Istanbul would give me further vision & direction for long-term service in Turkey.  

Pray that God would continue to connect me with young people here, especially those who are seeking Truth! 

Pray for overall rest & health. 

Pray that I would grow in boldness in sharing my faith even with people I don’t know, as the Spirit leads. Pray that God would give me more of His heart for the people around me, even as I ride the bus or walk these streets. I want to be available and willing to talk with people as He leads.