Missions Moment – Italy

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Douglas Valenzuela, WorldVenture

This past Thursday, in the Basilica of S. Antonio of Afragola, the largest basilica in our area, as you can see….there I am , doing what for centuries has never been done….AN EVANGELICAL PASTOR speaking ONLY FROM THE BIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an amazing opportunity to stand before a large audience and right next the altar where for centuries the priests ritually perform the repeated functions of the mass, I was using GOD’S WORD to share about the author of TRUE PEACE  (I preached from John 14:27….”I give you My peace”).

And in the end, one of the participants even applauded….something that is strictly anathma in these very closed settings…..

Looking forward to sharing more when we see many of you very shortly!!

Thanks again for prayers and support as we keep His light shining here.