Missions Moment – Ivory Coast

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Brenda Allen, WorldVenture

Work at The Baptist Hospital in Ferkessedougou is keeping me busy. I am enjoying working with believing co-workers who share my heart for reaching those who do not know the Savior of the world. It is a special privilege working closely with a team. Each morning this month I am helping in the reception area where patients check in and also assisting a midwife with clinic visits. I had a meaningful interaction with a patient yesterday. She has had two still born babies and is afraid of losing her present pregnancy. Her two co-wives with children are making her life difficult as she has yet to have a living child. My heart hurts for her! In the afternoons I have time to work on hospital projects and visit people. Occasionally I even get a nap!

Friends in Guinea continue to be on my heart and mind. There are people with the Ebola virus in our town of Kankan. All schools continue to be closed, probably for the year. That means several of my teacher friends are without work and that is difficult for them! In some regions of Guinea there are no new cases now….that is praise! Please pray for those affected by the virus physically, economically, educationally…so difficult! I am connecting frequently by phone with several close friends but I am far away. Pray for my home helper, HAWA as she lives with terminal cancer not knowing the Savior.

News close and far often troubles my heart. It brings me to my knees. In yet we serve a Sovereign God…in that I rest…well most of the time! Unexpected rain showers in November, kids smiles in the consultation waiting area and lovely flowers in my friend Diane’s garden are bright spots in my world. I look forward to more sunsets like this one…


…when the harmattan dust comes rolling in very soon.