Missions Moment – Ivory Coast

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Brenda Allen, WorldVenture

January 2015 Update

Who?  Brenda &  ___
What?  Future Plans
When?  2015
Where?  Cote d’Ivoire or Guinea
Why?  Only God knows the timing of my marriage…oops….return to Guinea.

I thought that would get your attention!

Often in my life I have dreams and plans that just don’t materialize. Don’t you? Sometimes is feels like a great loss other times just a mild irritation. Occasionally it is shocking or painful! Over this past year I have gained some new perspectives and had some new experiences.  This year’s Ebola crisis in Guinea mandated a temporary change of location for me that I didn’t expect to make.

Here are a few of God’s fingerprints in my life this past year!

Timing…I see his hand in WorldVenture leadership making a choice for me that I wouldn’t have made for myself. Not returning to Guinea in October as planned with my teammates was hard…they had to leave the country in early November….I was spared the upheaval and exposure!

Perspective…most of my relationships here are with co-workers who are Jesus followers at the Baptiste Mission Hospital.  It has given me a greater hope & vision for the future in Guinea. One day there will be many believers in Upper Guinea.  One day there will  multiple churches in Upper Guinea!  One day we will be in heaven together….how I long for that day.!  Just this morning I was talking with a woman who leads a Christian women’s movement…it was exciting to hear about her vision and heart for women ministries.  May this generation and the one to come follow Jesus and His Word.

Friendship…spending 4 months living life with my closest friend Diane is/was a privilege! These months have been especially hard ones for Diane. I am glad I could be here to  listen and support her.  She leaves on stateside assignment at the end of this month but I will continue here in Ferkessedougou, Cote d’ Ivoire. Can you  pray for Diane and her mom as they have health challenges to face during the months ahead?