Missions Moment – Ivory Coast, West Africa

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Brenda Allen, WorldVenture

JUNE 1990

I arrived at the Baptist Mission Hospital in Ferkessedougou, Cote d’Ivoire.  I wondered during those 6 initial weeks of medical orientation and language learning, if i was ever going to be able to communicate with my co-workers let alone work that Fall as a “nurse practitioner”at International Christian Academy(ICA), a school primarily for missionary kids. My primary mentor nurse, Jeremie was extremely helpful as I saw all of the kids that come in the outpatient clinic. I learned so much from him. When I came back to the same hospital last October because of the Ebola outbreak in Guinea,I found the next generation of medical workers serving those who are sick in the name of Jesus.

JUNE 2015

I’ve spent some time sitting in a courtyard with Jeremie who is now retired and had a stroke 7 years ago. It has been a good time of remembering. Such a JOY! Jeremie’s son Daniel is one of the “head nurses” at the hospital. Most afternoons for the past 7 months you will find me with Daniel and several other nurses working on administrative tasks in the same little office….we all want an air conditioned space and internet so we crowd in.

This hospital has had its doors open for 63 years 24/7!

The war didn’t stop the services. Lack of resources hasn’t stopped services! People that come to faith at the hospital have gone back to their villages and towns. Of the 463 churches planted that I mentioned in my last newsletter several have are a result of those who have become believers here at this hospital. May God’s people in this hospital continue to serve those in need of physically and spiritual wholeness for many years to come.

Help Needed: It is much more difficult to get medications now at inexpensive prices due to government regulations. Finances are needed for national medical professional salaries, as there are only two missionaries working at the hospital who is not salaried. Right now the hospital needs to make a large pharmacy order out of Europe but lacks $20,000 USD. Donations can be made online @ WorldVenture.com or mailed to WorldVenture 1501 W. Mineral Ave. Littleton, CO 80120 Note: Ferke Hospital Fund


I am thrilled to say that there are now over 200 French children’s books available to read at the local church elementary school. A library of any kind is unusual here. The kids are excited!

You probably would be surprised to learn that 2/3 of the 300 kids come from Muslim or traditional religion families.

Pray that the Jesus-following teachers would be able to model Christ. May they impart not just knowledge but moral character that only comes through heart change in Christ Jesus.

The school would like to have a covered reading hanger in the school yard where the kids can read in the shade on benches. The library is tiny and there is no room to read inside.

Donations can be made online or to the address above. Note: Ferke Baptist Primary School