Missions Moment – Japan

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Ken and Bola Taylor – WorldVenture

After 30 days in the hospital, Bola was finally given permission to go home (temporarily)! It will be a long battle but we celebrate every little victory.  We thank the Lord for you and we celebrate every circumstance!


Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.  Ps 30:2

Bola was like a little child hugging her pillows and rolling all over her own bed. It was a sight to behold. After a long 30 days of tubes, tests, X-rays, chemo, and hospital food, her own bed was the symbol of coming home. Pure joy!

The good news is that Bola responded very well to all medical treatments done by Dr. Tanaka. All her vitals have stabilized. She has lost a lot of weight which included (cancer) fluid. And so Dr. T has instructed Bola on a special diet…  Beef! beef! beef! A high protein and high calorie diet to get her in shape for 2 more chemo treatments in April and May. To be followed by surgery to remove the cancer tumors.

Bola is also sporting a new look! She requested a dear co-missionary colleague Steve to buzz her hair!



GLOW 3.0

God’s Love On Wheels (GLOW) is a ministry that Bola founded in partnership with Wheelchairs of Hope Japan. Refurbished wheelchairs from Japan are shipped to the Philippines for distribution through local churches to give mobility and hope in the Lord to those in need. In the past 5 years, GLOW has already received 2 containers with over 250 wheelchairs distributed. This week the 3rd container arrived and is ready for distribution. Pray for Judy Raymundo (photo) GLOW Executive Director as she partners with many churches and organizations.

23 Years Ago…

Last month we featured Luke turning 21. This month we want to praise the Lord for Anika our firstborn. She turns 23 on April 10. Anika was able to spend 48 hours to visit Bola while in the hospital. She returned to Hawaii to her job as a performance coach and is studying Japanese & Photography in college.