Missions Moment – Japan

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Ken and Bola Taylor, WorldVenture

Round 2…

Friday afternoon and I am sitting beside Bola watching the chemo drip into her body. This is round 2. It is sometimes hard to see Bola groggy and weak during the treatment.. But the good news is that the 1st series of chemo last month had very positive results. Pray that the treatment will continue to work as part of the healing process.

Bola enjoyed being home for 2 weeks. But as scheduled, she was admitted back in the hospital for round 2 of chemo. We are hoping that she will be discharged next Tuesday spending just 1 week in the hospital.

Round 3 is scheduled for mid-May. Two weeks after round 3 chemo Dr. Tanaka hopes to remove all tumors by surgery. We praise the Lord for your continued prayers for Bola.



JBF Retreat…

Ken is the Field Leader of JBF (Japan Baptist Fellowship) with 25 missionaries (about 50 including children). Every year we hold our annual retreat to allow us to rest and be refreshed.

This year April 25 – 27 we are expecting 60 attendees. Pray for those coming to serve us: Frank & Rosa Pardue (Message), Carl DeBoer (Worship), Twin Lakes Church Team (Youth/Children’s Program).


Breaking Records…

Victoria (3rd year HS) finished her basketball season. Apart from being co-captain, she was recognized with several awards…

Spring season switches to Track & Field. Victoria throws the shot-put & discus. Compared to her competitors, Victoria is tiny (see photo when she placed 3rd last year as a sophomore). This year she continues to break school records. In her school, Victoria is now ranked #1 in discus. In shot-put, she is so close to breaking a 25 year old standing record.

We wonder where Victoria gets her athletic prowess…. Certainly not from her musical parents!