Missions Moment – Japan

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Ken and Bola Taylor – WorldVenture

PRE-Op message from BOLA…
(excerpts from Bola’s Facebook)

Good morning from Tokyo! This is the day that the Lord has made.


July 7 is upon us. Thank you for sustaining me through these past months through your prayers. In less than 3 hours, the Lord will embark on another step in my road to healing. Thus far, He has used Dr. T to take me there.

So thankful that cancer did not stop us from our first CD recording Just For You nor from me being part of our 15th anniversary HGF celebration. Man, my God is so good! I just can’t thank Him enough.

Trust Dr T is ready. He promised not to have a “late night” when he left me yesterday. He enjoys a night cap normally. Hahahaha! He’s looking at a 7 hour procedure. Poor guy, he’s got lots to do. I reminded him that many of you are praying for him.

It’ll be a long day so I appreciate your prayers on our behalf. I better be going. What do I do as you wait for surgery? We praise! Join me.


Talk to you when I wake up!

POST-Op message from KEN…
(excerpts from Bola’s Facebook)

It is July 8, Wed 1pm in Japan. I am sitting beside Bola right now as she rests and is still connected to several tubes. All vitals are good and is very responsive when she is awake.

We told her that you have been praying and lifting her up before the throne of God!

Surgery took about 7 hours. The technical term for this surgery is called IDS (Inter Debulking Surgery). It is for advanced ovarian cancer which means treating with chemo first then remove cancer tumors by surgery. To be continued by more chemo after surgery.

Dr. Tanaka said there was much work to do during the operation. He reported that the objective of the surgery was met. That is to explore and take out as much of the cancer as possible (which there was a lot). Anything that was left and affected lymph nodes will need to be treated by post-operation chemo therapy.

Dr. Tanaka said that Bola did very well during the surgery and will now need to recuperate and get strong again.

We are prepared for the long battle. But we know that the battle belongs to the Lord’s.

We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of prayers, love, and support from all over the world.

Pray for Bola to recover quickly and heal completely from this surgery. Pray for Dr. Tanaka as he continues to administer post-op chemo treatment.

Trusting in Jesus,
Ken Taylor