Missions Moment – Japan

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John and Eriko Houlette – Three Streams Ministries

Quick Update

  • John graduated from Bethel Seminary on 5/30 with a Doctor of Ministry degree! Thanks for praying.
  • John presented his thesis at the Humanitarian Disaster Institute Resiliency Conference at Wheaton College 6/9.
  • Eriko continues to interview numerous pastors, relief workers and new Christians in the Miyagi Prefecture disaster area. Her research will be part of a major presentation at the Japan Congress on Evangelism in 2016.
  • John and Eriko were able to see Yutaka and Amy and grandsons, Oscar and Arlo in addition to John’s 92-year-old dad.
  • John joined with 700 other volunteers to refurbish over 30 homes and an elementary school at ServeOgden with Washington Hts. Church, Ogden UT, 6/20-26.
  • John preached at Hokushin Calvary Church on 7/5, launching a partnership in church planting.
  • STMer William Price arrives 7/10 for over a month of ministry in Fukushima Prefecture.

Dusting Off Nehemiah

So we built the wall. And all the wall was joined together to half its height, for the people had a mind to work.  Nehemiah 4:6 

Studying about resilience and practicing it are two very different but complimentary things. Our recent trip to the U.S. was a picture of that. Over two years of research and writing culminated in a finished thesis on resiliency and a chance to present my work.  One main focus of the theological review was the leadership of Nehemiah and how he demonstrated resiliency.  Our disaster relief work and now church planting in Japan are opportunities to practice those skills.  The week in Ogden was a great example of a modern day version of the book of Nehemiah with over 700 volunteers working hand in hand to bless a city and give glory to God.  At 4500 ft. and temperatures in the high 90s, resiliency was a prerequisite for the service project!

Church Planting News

It was a joy to preach at Hokushin Calvary Church in Fukushima city on Sunday and begin to make plans for the church plant in Ryozen with an official launch sometime next year.  My main roles will be to assist in developing strategy for the church plant, preach occasionally and provide counseling at the mother church. We will do some prayer walks this summer and want to find men and women of peace in the city.  Ryozen is a town of 10,000 people and no church.


Thank you for praying and giving towards our retreats.  Our next one is 8/31-/9/1 in Iwate Prefecture.  We are researching the possibility of holding one in Nepal for pastors and their wives.

Bola Taylor

Please pray for Ken and Bola Taylor, colleagues with WorldVenture who we invited to Japan in 1990 and who direct the Hallelujah Gospel Family, a church-based network of 70 gospel choirs with 1000 members spread across Japan. Bola is courageously fighting a battle against stage three ovarian cancer.  She had successful surgery today in Tokyo but has a long road ahead with ongoing radiation treatments.


  1. Please pray for the work ofThree Stream Ministries of retreats, training, coaching, mentoring and counseling pastors and next generation leaders.
  2. For the Ryozen Church Plant.
  3. For Eriko’s research in the earthquake zone.
  4. For our three daughters in Japan, Jasmine, Christine and Jeweliann and our son Yutaka and his wife Amy in the U.S.
  5. For our support needs. Recently two supporters had to discontinue support.