Missions Moment – Japan

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John and Erico Houlette, Three Stream Ministries

At a glance:

  • Eriko completes both appointments for her legal permanent residency card renewal and re-entry permit on 9/29!
  • Wonderful meetings with supporters and family from Oakland, CA to Vancouver WA and down to Pasadena, CA.
  • Great connections at Shasta Bible College and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.
  • Nepal vision trip 12/7-11.

Upcoming Meetings:

Speaking at Pollock Pines Community Church, 10/11 and Sea View Baptist Church, 10/18.

Preaching in Natori and Funaoka, 10/25.

Evangelistic meeting in Sakata, Yamagata 11/1.

Disaster Response Chaplain’s Cafe, 11/6.

Facilitate Church Planter Institute Consulting Center 11/10-13

Preaching at Oasis Chapel. 11/15.

3.11 Iwate Church Network Retreat, 11/15-16.

  • Returning to Japan on 10/22.

 Ministry Update

Biometrics is quite a science.  It involves obtaining a photo and fingerprints to verify identity and background for those entering and living in the U.S.  It can be stressful to wait for an appointment and the results for this simple task.  Spiritual biometrics are different–it is a great comfort to realize that Christ knows us intimately and we are accepted in the beloved.  He knows our name, every thought and yes, our unique fingerprints–He is our creator. As we have visited family and supporters, we have also experienced the joy of being brothers and sisters in Christ.

Eriko and I have enjoyed a whirlwind tour of California, Oregon and Washington the past four weeks.  We have truly been blessed by an individual from our home church providing us with a car and another family in Fremont, CA opening up their home to us. We have had some down time as well along the way!

Completing the process for Eriko’s permanent residency documents in record fashion was a testimony to the faithfulness of your prayers and God’s goodness.  We were told that it takes 5-6 weeks to get an appointment and we had both in three weeks!

John had an opportunity to speak in chapel and teach a class on missions at Shasta Bible College and attend a reunion at his alma mater, the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey.  He was able to interact with a number of current students there.   We have shared our passion for ministry in Japan with several churches and individuals and will finish our time in the US 10/22.

I am adjusting plans to visit Nepal and conduct pastoral retreats there. I hope to make a vision trip in December.  I would appreciate your prayers for the nation of Nepal and churches there.

We look forward to our next term of ministry and to what God has in store for us.  As you can see from the November schedule of meetings above, our ministry responsibilities are increasing. We have increased our ministry budget by $200 a month in order to fund these various ministries.  If you would be able to give a one-time gift,  increase support or start supporting us to meet this need, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

Ministry of Prayer

  1. Please pray for wisdom about the Nepal retreats.
  2. For various meetings next month.
  3. For Ryozen church plant.
  4. For Eriko’s research in the earthquake zone.
  5. For mentoring, coaching and counseling opportunities.
  6. For our support needs.