Missions Moment – Japan

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Ken and Bola Taylor, WorldVenture

Back in the hospital…

Bola had her 1st post-op chemo treatment as scheduled last Aug 24. After 3 days, abdominal pain started and within a week Bola was rushed and admitted in the hospital for bowel obstruction. For over a week now Bola has been on intravenous only with a no liquid and no food diet.

After more tests and CT scans, Dr. Tanaka shared with us the latest diagnosis. Bola’s cancer has spread so aggressively all over her abdomen and now lung area. Dr. T explained that during the 7 hour operation last July, he removed all the tumours he could. But in just 6 weeks since, the smaller cancer cells have grown into tumours again. Her present condition of abdominal pain and bowel blockage is actually being caused by tumour growth.

The prognosis is that no operation or even chemo will resolve her present situation. In fact, any surgical intervention or radical treatment from this point will just worsen her present condition quickly. And so, finding a medical cure at this point would prove to be futile.

What’s Next…

We are therefore being advised to move into the next phase of palliative care/quality of life (maintenance and pain control only). There are basically 3 options and were given the pros and cons of each one.

  1. Stay in Mita Hospital. This is where Bola is admitted.
  2. Home Stay. Be at home primarily with visiting doctors and nurses.
  3. Hospice Facility.There are actually2 Christian hospices really close to the house but the wait time is really long.

What are the next steps?

For us, staying in Mita hospital is no longer an option. We are looking at the Home Stay as our preferred choice but also applying for hospice facility.

We have a great support group here who love and care for Bola deeply. They are now helping and advising us in finding the best option.

We are processing this as well. We have sought the Lord and arrived at this decision after much prayer & wise Godly counsel. Thank you for supporting our decisions.


What Really Matters…

How long? Medically, it all depends on how Bola’s body responds to this spreading cancer. At this point, Bola remains upbeat about settling back at home and into a hospice setting.

We don’t want to live with false hope by running after a cure. We want to live with the TRUE hope we have in Christ.

Bola still has the desires of her heart (attend her children’s graduations, weddings, take our 30th anniversary trip to Turkey, see her grandchildren). If it is the Lord’s will, a miracle will happen.

And so we will live each breath, each day, each week in hope and giving thanks to the the Giver of Life.

This was what we read from the devotional (50 Days of Hope) right before Dr. T came in to share this news:

I urge you today, whether you are the cancer patient or the caregiver, not to choose to become a victim of cancer. Do not let this disease seem more powerful that it is. Do not let it fill your mind, steal your peace, invade your soul, or destroy your hope. It has no power to do those things unless you allow it to. You are a lot stronger that you think, and God is a lot greater than you think.

Bola’s ultimate desire remains the same. This is what she wrote when first diagnosed 6 months ago.

Many eyes are on us as we serve in Japan – many whose eyes still do not acknowledge the One who gave His Life for them.  We want this journey to matter for Christ!  We are confident in His presence, His care, His peace, His strength, His comfort & His provisions of all our possible needs.  We want them to know that these gifts available for them too.

  • Pray that we remain faithful in God’s will and plan for Bola at this point.
  • Pray for our children Anika, Luke, and Tori.
  • And pray that we do not grow weary but remain strong in the Lord.