Missions Moment – Japan

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Ken Taylor, WorldVenture


I was asked to quietly sneak into the kindergarten class in Christian Academy of Japan 2 weeks ago. The children did not know I was there. Then it was time to pray.

I could not believe what my ears were hearing. Without any prompting and not knowing I was there, child after child remembered to pray for the Taylor family. They named each one of us…. Mr. Taylor, Anika, Luke, Tori.

Apparently, these kindergarteners have been praying for the Taylor family EVERYDAY since school started last Fall.

After their prayer time I was asked to come forward and meet these prayer warriors… I shared some photos of Bola. I also shared our family photo taken about 18 years ago (photo on left). Telling them that our 3 kids were also in the same kindergarten class they are in.

I know that many of you as well continue to pray for us. I can’t thank God enough for faithful prayer warriors like you and especially these precious kindergarteners. Thank you for covering us with your prayers!




HGF Spring Semester…

While most of the 70 choirs (1,200 members) are on Winter vacation, I am busy preparing all the materials and resources for this Spring Semester. In the early years, I used to do this all on my own. Now on our 16th year, God has provided a great team in producing these materials.

I enjoy leading and coordinating a team of talented co-laborers in choosing songs, arranging, writing introductions, making karaoke, recording rehearsal tracks, translating and producing a textbook.

PRAY: That the Holy Spirit will use these songs and the resources to reveal Jesus in a real way to each choir member.




Innovative Partners…

One of the biggest challenge we have is winning the hearts and the minds of the Japanese (one of the most unreached people groups). And so it is important to find partners in ministry that will be innovative, fresh, bold, and relevant.

This will be our 3rd year to participate with 7Media (led by Andy Game – photo: top left). They hold weeklong church-based evangelistic campaign called SHINEJapan. It ends on Sunday May 28, 2016 with a Joy Festival where many of our HGF choir members participate.

One other key leader is JP (photo: lower right). A missionary who is a professional hip-hop dancer. We commented during our meeting….

“If you can walk you can dance” JP

“If you can talk you can sing” Ken

PRAY: God will use these creative and innovative ministries to reach the hearts and minds of the Japanese.