Missions Moment – Japan

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Ken Taylor, WorldVenture

Thriving, Growing, and Starting…

My ministry involvement can be broken down in 3 categories:

Thriving: Hallelujah Gospel Family is in its Fall season. Now on its 16th year, there are 60 churches with 75 choirs and over 1,500 Japanese choir members all over Japan learning about and praising Jesus.

Growing: As the Field Leader of our mission Japan Baptist Fellowship (JBF), we are growing in number and ministry impact. Alongside this are issues with growing pains.

Starting: We are about to embark on a new project… Mostly known as BAM (Business As Mission) or 360 Missions. We are planning to start a For-Profit Company in Japan by next year Lord willing. More on this exciting project next time.



One Year Since…


I went through one of the most difficult experiences in my life. But I also witnessed the awesome promise of God where Bola’s spirit was ushered from her body into the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have learned some life lessons from Bola’s cancer journey. One is: GO TO THE SOURCE. When I would be afraid and scared, Bola would look at me straight in the eyes and say: don’t come to me for strength. Instead Bola would remind me to go to the Source – Jesus Christ – where she got her strength, peace, comfort, and grace.

And so through all the lonely days and the good days, I remember Bola’s words to me – go to the Source and choose Christ.



Family Update…

Anika is enjoying her new surroundings in Northern California. She is into her 2nd month of studies. Traveling up and down the freeways of California visiting friends and her siblings in LA.

Luke’s knee injury ended up with surgery for ACL replacement and Meniscus repair. He needs to be on crutches for 3 more weeks and it will take 9 months for full recovery.

Victoria turned 19 years old last Oct 17. She seems to be adjusting and enjoying her new life in college.

Thank you for continued prayers and your outpouring of love for the Tokyo Taylors.