Missions Moment – Japan

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A Happy New Year to all of you!  It is the year of the horse in Japan, and it seems as if we have galloped into the new year. Eriko and I are thankful for your prayers, support and partnership in 2014!

Thank you for praying for our fathers.  Eriko’s dad is weak but comfortable.  Our Jeweliann, our youngest, is visiting Japan currently, and has been able to visit Eriko’s parents.  My dad was not able to get into the Veteran’s Hospital facility near Napa, CA.  He is stable and enjoying being at home.

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s with our three daughters here for the holidays.  The family collaborated for the Christmas Eve service at the Boston Japanese Christian Church.  John preached, while Eriko led a choir, Jasmine, Christine and Jeweliann sang in the choir, Jeweliann played violin and piano and Christine sang. It was a great celebration of the birth of our Savior!  We braved the cold to watch light shows and fireworks (20 degree weather) in downtown Boston, went to the movies and ate some great food.


My thesis topic on self-care and resiliency for Japanese pastors in a disaster, brings me back to the practical implications of resiliency.   Dr. Pablo Polischuk, professor of counseling at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, talks about change and the need for a balance between flexibility and stability.  Whether it is in marriage or ministry, this balance is crucial.  As I mentor leaders, I see that resiliency manifests that balance.
I continue to mentor Kohei Takeda and Ken Nishiono.  Kohei reported that their Japanese outreach over Christmas went well, with many new contacts.  Please pray for him and his wife as they begin their second year of studies at Gordon Conwell. We meet a couple times a month.

Ken and his fiancé, Seiko, will be getting married on February 8th.  I so wish that I could be there for that, but US-Japan Social Security laws require that I be in the US for six months and a day every five years to maintain my status and that period does not end until April 3rd.  Ken is praying about a new ministry opportunity from April.  Please keep him in your prayers. Here is a short clip on Ken’s testimony that will be an encouragement to you.

Eriko and I are excited that Lord willing, in less than five months we will be on our way to Sendai, Japan, retooled and ready to start a new adventure of leader care and educational training.  Eriko finishes her studies the end of May.

What are our chief tasks and needs prior to our departure?
• Eriko finishing her master’s degree in human development.
• John completing most of his dissertation (at least through chapter four).
• Visiting supporters.
• discovering our remaining $500 a month in support.
• packing up and shipping our belongings.

What is our biggest need once we arrive? HOUSING!  Rents are high and housing is limited in Sendai.  Please pray that we could find a home close to the Sendai Bible Baptist Church, work and ministry commitments, 80 square meters in size (3 bedroom) and within our  budget of $1300 USD/month.

On the Road Again – Yes, I will be traveling in February and March.  If you are in the area and would like to meet, send me an email:

February 8-11   Baltimore, MD
• Transforming Community Retreat

February 13-26   California
• 2/13-16 Oakland, San Jose
• 2/16 Bay Hills Community Church, Hayward
• 2/17 San Jose
• 2/18-22  Folsom, Camptonville, Sacramento
• 2/22-23  CrossPointe Community Church, Redding
• 2/23-24  Calvary Community Church, Rohnert Park
• 2/24-26  San Jose, Monterey and Oakland

February 26 to March 1   Greater Seattle, WA
• Reaching Japanese for Christ International Conference. I will be presenting and providing coaching and  counseling during the sessions.

March 1-3   Ogden, UT
• Washington Heights Community.