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This is the inside cover of a textbook that we produce 2 times a year. While everyone is on break, we were working on songs, music scores, articles, pronunciation tips, devotionals, and more to include in this very important tool. We print 1,000 copies that gets distributed to all 60 choirs all over Japan.

This has proven to be a great resource for each member not just to learn how to sing and memorize songs. Each member learns about the true meaning of each song and some have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through the Bible passages, devotionals, and testimonies included this textbook.


On Feb 27 (this Thursday), we are performing in Koriyama, Fukushima. This is part of our long term commitment towards relief efforts to help and encourage local churches that were impacted by the March 11, 2011 Earhquake/Tsunami. Bola will be singing many standard Jazz songs songs but will share her testimony throughout the concert.

The concert venue is in a Fruit (Juice) Bar that is very famous in this city. They will be celebrating their 28th Anniversary. The church we are working with occasionally has gospel concerts in this venue.

PRAY that the gospel in song and message will bear real spiritual FRUIT…


Ken is the field leader for Japan Baptist Fellowship (JBF) with 25 missionaries (40 with kids and all). Once a year, the Leadership Team has a retreat to reflect, refresh, and refocus for the new year. It is exciting to see young leaders (Ken is the oldest of the bunch) stepping up and making Kingdom impact in their own teams. Our mission has 3 teams with their respective leaders. Jacquie leads the Support Ministries Team. John leads the Innovative Ministries Team. Paul leads the Church Multiplication Team.


The good news is that we are seeing an upswing in new missionaries coming to Japan – considered to be one of the hardest and most unreached people group.

There are many opportunities to serve here in Japan. Church planting, teaching english, specialized skills and expertise, teaching at Christian Academy in Japan… If you sense a call from the Lord and are interested (short term or long term), do let us know and we can begin to explore the possibilities.


As professional musicians, we find it amusing that our 3 children (who are naturally musical) have turned out to be very athletic. As evidenced by the photo collage below made by Anika, each one is showing off their vertical leap. Anika is now a level 2 certified Performance Coach at the newest UFC Gym BJ Penn in Waikele (just 2 minutes from where she lives). Luke’s major is in Elementary Education but continues to jump for rebounds in basketball intra-murals. Visit Luke’s blog here. Victoria just finished another season of basketball as the youngest member in her Varsity team. After 2 knee surgeries, she continues to surprise us with her athletic endeavors.


As parents, we are jumping for joy in our hearts as we thank the Lord for His grace and mercy upon our children. We so appreciate your continued prayers, love, and support.