Missions Moment – Japan

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John and Eriko Houlette, Asian Access/SIM

On the Road Again

After returning from Japan in early March, John traveled to southern and northern California, Chicago and Ogden, Utah over the last four weeks. One of the many highlights was to spend time with his dad, Dick Houlette, who at 90, still loves his pizza at a small restaurant nestled in the foothill town of Downieville, CA on highway 49. He is doing well.

It was great for John to visit his sister Cathy, First Baptist Church Sun City, Riverpark Bible Church in Fresno, supporters in Folsom, and his home church in San Jose. In April, he was able to visit a former Japan colleague in Chicago and friends at Washington Heights Church, Ogden, UT.

In May, Eriko and John travel to northern California for a week of Sabbath rest at Genesee Home and our Fresh Commission service at Church on the Hill, San Jose on May 24th, at 11 am. You are all cordially invited! Please let us know if you can come. We will have a light lunch.

Skill Acquisition

John writes: in addition to my dissertation work, it has been a goal to acquire other skills that will be helpful for Three Stream Ministries as we return to Japan in June. In addition to monthly spiritual direction, I have attended three training events in February and March that have been very helpful. In February, I attended the Transformation Community in Baltimore for three days, focusing on cruciform love and the work of Dr. Robert Mulholland. It was very insightful.

In March, I attended two seminars on disaster response sponsored by K-Love radio station and presented by good friends Kevin and Jennifer Ellers. Their topics were on Spiritual First Aid and Grief After Trauma.

Heading Down the Home Stretch!

With just over a month to go before Eriko, Christine and Jeweliann graduate from Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard College and Gordon College respectively, the sound of the tapping of keys on a keyboard, flipping of book pages and scanning of articles is at high decibels in our small apartment. John is adding to the above noise with his own work of editing chapter two and writing chapter three of his thesis.

Please continue to pray for our studies!

Prayer Requests

• For completion of studies for Eriko, Christine and Jeweliann by the middle of May.
• For John’s ongoing work on his thesis that he could get all of the library work for chapters two-four done prior to our departure for Japan.
• For departure details. We have much to do prior to leaving: packing, shipping and selling of belongings.
• For final support needs to be met. Outgoing needs are complete! We are at roughly $300 short in monthly support.
• For suitable housing in Sendai. that we could locate housing that is affordable and is strategically located. We would like to be settled by the end of June.