Missions Moment – Japan

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Ken and Bola Taylor, World Venture

Celebrate with us as we were together this Christmas season. It’s been 4 years since we were all in one place. We are full of joy as we enjoy each other as a family.

Anika arrived from Honolulu, Hawaii where she works as a fitness instructor/coach at BJ Penn UFC Gym. After a 3 year hiatus she is back in college taking graphic arts and Japanese.

Luke is on winter vacation from BIOLA as a Junior majoring in Public Relations. He is also a Resident Adviser for 50 underclassmen and mentoring several of them.

Victoria is 3rd year high school in Japan and is busy as varsity co-captain with her basketball team.

17 years ago, we first arrived in Japan with Anika (5 yrs), Luke (3 yrs), and Victoria who was born in Tokyo 2 months later. Time flies…

Pray that our children remain close to the Lord as they grow and mature into their own.


HGF Christmas Concerts…
(Hallelujah Gospel Family)

Celebrate with us as the name of Jesus was lifted high in numerous concerts (at malls, Starbucks, nursing homes, churches, concert halls) all over Japan. The final 2 concerts were sponsored by HGF. Both concerts gathered around 275 combined choir members with over 600 in the audience. Charity collected for GLOW (God’s Love On Wheels) was ¥270,880 ($2,300).

click photo or here to WATCH HIGHLIGHTS of the Dec 23, 2014 Concert. For more videos, go to the HGF website. (videos courtesy of David Kindervater)


HGF turns 15 years old…

Celebrate with us as Hallelujah Gospel Family (HGF) hits 15 years of growing and expanding ministry. Starting with one choir in January 2000, there are now fifty churches with over 70 black gospel choirs all over Japan. 2015 is a banner year for HGF. There are several exciting celebration concerts and activities planned for this year.

Click the photo or here for HGF 15 year celebration newsletter.