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Ken and Bola Taylor – WorldVenture

In this Tokyo Taylor Update we feature other ministries besides the Black Gospel Choir Ministry in Japan… AMONG OTHER THINGS.


Philippine Roots

We were both born and raised in Metro Manila until we moved to California, USA in the mid-80’s. Our country of origin still plays a very important part in our life and ministry.

Bola and Ray and Ken ministered at Christ Commission Fellowship’s (CCF) 29th Anniversary last August 25. This church was instrumental in leading both of us to the Lord back in its early days when there were only 100 members. Today there are about 30,000 attendees in their new worship center.

The picture above shows the youth choir of GCF Ortigas. They were part of the GCF combined choir on Sep 1 Black Gospel worship. We praise the Lord for the revival and the church growth in the Philippines.

Jesus And Jazz at Church…

Hallelujah Gospel Family (Black Gospel ministry) takes up most of our time here in Japan. But as professional jazz musicians, we enjoy using our talent, expertise and experience in sharing Jesus through Jazz.


Although the picture above looks like a Jazz club it is actually Tsudanuma CB Church. It was a packed house where many non-Christians and first time church goers got to enjoy listening to Jazz standards wrapped around Bola testimonies of the gospel. It was a Jesus jammin’ night!

Charity Proceeds…

While in the Philippines, Ken was able to hand over the charity proceeds of $2,800 from the HGF’s June 2012 concert. This was designated towards scholarships of children living in the Payatas smoky (garbage dumb)  mountain in Manila.


Family Update…


Above is a picture of our youngest daughter Victoria. She was born in Tokyo 2 months after we arrived in Japan. She turned 16 years old last Oct 17. After recovering from 2 ACL surgeries on her knees, she is back into full form playing school sports. Victoria is the youngest member of the Volleyball Varsity team headed for Guam Far East Tournament next week. She is playing as Libero (defensive specialist)


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Anika is now a licensed Personal Coach. She works at the UFC Gym BJ Penn, Honolulu, Hawaii.

We thank the Lord for your continued interest, prayers, partnership, and support!